Premium approach to hosting

High-end servers, stellar support and management all housed inside an enterprise grade data center. Beautiful.

BigScoots operates out of a state of the art Steadfast data center located centrally in downtown Chicago, IL. The data center was constructed offering fully redundant N +1 power, HVAC, network connectivity and security. The facility sits atop multiple power grids with full UPS battery backup power, diesel generators on site and a network that is supplied by several separate premium network providers - Level(3), NTT, gtt and Cogent allowing for optimal speeds and reliability. Further, dozens more third party backbone providers are available in the facility such as Verizon, Global Crossing, Abovenet, Qwest, XO Communication and Sprint.

The fiber handed off to our Chicago data center is delivered over fully redundant paths, with diverse entry points and building risers. These facilities have been built to meet the high demands and reliability requirements of telecommunications providers and Fortune 500 companies, and have achieved the rigorous SAS70 and SSAE16 compliance audits.


Premium approach to hosting Data Center Space: 30,000 square feet of raised floor
Floor Load: 250 pounds per square foot
Security: Proximity Card and Biometric Access Controls, 24/7, Security Camera Monitoring/Recording
IT Staffing: 24/7 On-Site Systems Administrators
Power Density: 10kw per Cabinet
Audits: SAS70 / SSAE16 Audited


Utility Power: 5MW
Power Distribution: Starline busway for nearly instant deployment
UPS: N+1 750 kVA Chloride UPS (Expandable to 4.5 MW), Minimum 15 Minute Battery Capacity
Generator: 1.5 MW Caterpillar Generator (Expandable to 3x 1.5MW), Pull-up Generator Tap
Chillers: N+1 230+ Ton Smardt Chillers (Expandable to 1050 Tons), 2N Redundant Pumps
CRAC: 4x 70 Ton Stulz Units (Expandable to 20x 70 Ton), N+1
Fire Suppression: VESDA Particulate Detection, Clean Agent Extinguishers, Pre-Action Dry Pipe Sprinkler


service and management Fiber Diversity: Dual fully diverse fiber paths and building entry points
Networks: Level(3), NTT, Tinet, nLayer, Steadfast Networks, Abovenet, AT&T, Verizon, Qwest, Sidera, Cogent, and Atlantic Metro
Transport Services: 1.25 Gbit/sec and 10 Gbit/sec DWDM Waves and Layer 2 Transport to 600/700 Federal and 350 E Cermak Rd
Internal Cabling: Cat6/6e for 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Single-Mode and Multi-Mode Fiber, Overhead Cable Trays

Numbers Speak For Themselves

As a nearly brand new data center opening during the mid-2010 year in downtown Chicago, it was constructed with some of the most advanced technologies and high quality systems available. The datacenter has N+1 redundancy (optimized for single corded equipment) and Starline busway which allow us to offer services at an extremely high value and with the highest levels of flexibility, specifically designed to facilitate redundancy and performance. While still being cognizant of price, the construction took great care to be as energy efficient as possible with air and water side economizers, variable speed fans, and variable valves to keep overall operating costs down. The result? 0 packet loss, 100% network up time and a steady load across the charts - The proof is in the pudding!

SSAE16 Audit Completed

Being housed in one of the first SSAE16 compliant data centers in the country, our commitment to security is second to none.

APC power

APC has been the leader in data center power and infrastructure solutions since the early 80s. We use them exclusively for all UPS, PDU and rack equipment.


Since 2009, our data center has been a leader in IPv6 connectivity allowing all of our customers to take advantage of the new features and advantages of IPv6.

cisco Cisco being the clear leader in enterprise networking, they are the only ones we trust to maintain our premium network.

Pure SSD vs. SSD Accelerated

Pure SSD Storage

Services with Pure SSD Storage can deliver extremely high random as well as sequential reads and writes offering ultra-high disk performance. This means that whether you are running a basic Wordpress website, a high stress database or application, enjoy a very large number of concurrent visitors on a regular basis, or anything in between, big or small, a Pure SSD service will increase its performance.

Our Pure SSD servers have at least 128GB RAM and 32 CPU cores utilizing only the latest enterprise grade, highly redundant equipment. The SSD drives themselves yield upwards of 150,000 IOPS each and are configured in a redundant hardware RAID10 cached environment. With the much higher hardware cost, you sacrifice capacity for performance.

SSD Accelerated Storage

Services with SSD Accelerated Storage provide far higher than average disk performance with the added benefit of maintaining the disk capacity of traditional drives. Standard workloads such as small traffic websites, production webservers or mid-traffic database driven sites that require higher storage than our Pure SSD solutions offer are ideal candidates.

Our SSD Accelerated services are built using the latest LSI CacheCade technology[!]. CacheCade works by having a SSD array, otherwise known as flash cache in front of the primary disk array thereby accelerating all incoming reads and writes. It dynamically keeps the hottest (most accessed) data stored on the SSD array so you can be sure that your most critical parts of your website or application are always moving at near-SSD speeds. While significantly faster than non-SSD accelerated hosting environments, there is still a performance decrease from our Pure SSD solutions – you are sacrificing performance for added storage.

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