BigScoots Privacy Policy ("BigScoots") has developed this privacy statement to validate our commitment to confidentiality to all our customers and users who use BigScoots' online services ("Services"). These services consist of domain purchase, transfer and management, shared web hosting, reseller web hosting, virtual private servers, hybrid servers, data backups, dedicated servers and colocation.

This privacy policy dictates the methods in which BigScoots preserves, maintains and divulges information gathered from its clients.

1. Our commitment to privacy

BigScoots is committed to crafting long lasting relationships based on trust and transparency. All of us at BigScoots always has and always will do anything reasonably within our power to ensure your right to privacy is preserved. Our services are not directed at anyone under the age of thirteen.


On occasion BigScoots requests and gathers personal information from our clients in a variety of ways. These consist of online data entry forms for ordering products and services, communicating with the BigScoots staff, as well as other instances where users can volunteer their own private information.

The data we gather is undeniably personal and can be used to identify you, which is exactly why we take privacy so seriously and also why it is a necessary evil. Personal information plays a commanding role when conducting business online in a secure manner.

Some of the data gathered can consist of but is not limited to:

Although rare, on occasion BigScoots may gather data about how our clients access our services using tracking identifiers which are specific to each client through the use of cookies or other similar means.


A cookie can be fundamentally defined as a piece of data that is stored on a clients computer which identifies information about that specific client. BigScoots on occasion can make use of both session identifier cookies as well as persistent cookies. With session identifier cookies once the browser is closed or logged out of, the cookie is automatically erased. A persistent cookie on the other hand is a minor text file that is stored on your hard drive for a prolonged period of time.

By using our services you are agreeing to the overall acceptance of this privacy policy and therefore our use of cookies. At any time feel free to review your browsers help file to gather the instructions necessary to remove these persistent cookies, however please keep in mind they are only being used in the first place to stream line our interaction with you and better our service.


Similar to most websites out there, BigScoots uses log files for both security and to streamline our services. This is a form of data gathering which may include information such as internet protocol addresses, internet service providers, browser type and versions, referring and exit pages, platforms, date and time stamps, number of clicks for trend analysing as well as gathering very broad demographic information. Similar to the cookie scenario none of the information stored in these log files contain individually distinguishable data.


BigScoots may use any of the individually distinguishable data gathered by BigScoots to contact our clients concerning services offered by BigScoots, and to the extent the client has agreed, by trusted business partners, affiliates or independent contractors.

BigScoots may also use any of the gathered data for analysis on the success of our services and advertising efforts. Under no condition other than legal action or our client specifically authorizing such disclosures will BigScoots ever share this information with a third party.


Although unlikely and not in the foreseeable future, BigScoots does reserve the right to disclose completely anonymous data to investors and/or possible partners. In this case purely basic information will be disclosed and individually distinguishable data will remain completely private. In the case of BigScoots being sold, the information collected from our clients may be transferred to the new owner(s) under the condition that all individually distinguishable data will remain private.

BigScoots may on occasion interact with a third party consultant, advisor, marketing team or IT professional where it may become necessary to disclose private data. Everything disclosed under these terms will require the third party to treat all data, especially individually distinguishable data with the same concern and respect that BigScoots does. All third parties are prohibited from disclosing such data to any other person or party.


On occasion and on no particular schedule our clients may receive details on special offers, general newsletters as well as service updates.


Although BigScoots takes every precaution to maintain your confidentiality, on occasion a need may arise where we can and should disclose personally identifiable information if required by law. These disclosures will only occur if BigScoots has a good-faith belief that such action is necessary or BigScoots is required to comply with a current judicial proceeding, a court order or legal process served to BigScoots.

On occasion our clients may also find links to other websites through the BigScoots site or through other correspondence. It is our clients responsibility to be aware that BigScoots cannot control the privacy policies of third parties. Read the privacy policies of websites that collect personally identifiable data thoroughly and be aware of how it can be distributed. This privacy policy as indicated herein is applicable only to the data collected by BigScoots.


The majority of the data gathered by BigScoots is saved indefinitely and for security and data preservation reasons may be saved on more than one database that may be directly or indirectly supported by BigScoots.

Though impossible to absolutely guarantee that misuse, abuse, adjustment or loss to the data will not occur over time, BigScoots makes every possible effort within reason to avert such incidences.


As with any personal account information you alongside the rest of our clientele are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the login information you are given. This information can consist of but is not limited to user-names and passwords that give access to personal and private information. A valuable life lesson many of us learn far too late; keep your login information safe and never share it with others. Under no circumstance will BigScoots or any of its employees ask for your login credentials.

It is your personal responsibly while maintaining your data security here at BigScoots to educate yourself on mischievous software and potential scams. Key loggers, viruses and a collection of other scams can seize your information from where you access your BigScoots services. For this reason it is necessary to understand your own risks from personal devices and maintain a high level of security awareness. Additionally, when accessing BigScoots services from foreign devices you should take further precautions and always remember to log out when you are done.


As with any of our policies and services we offer here at BigScoots we are always looking for ways to improve. If there are any questions, concerns or comments please feel free to contact us and let us know what we can do to make your BigScoots experience even better.

Although BigScoots makes a conscious effort to keep our clients in the loop on any changes to this Privacy Policy, it is possible that it can be changed without notice. It is your responsibility to review the policy regularly and communicate any discrepancies you may find.

Last Updated: Friday, February 7, 2014. 23:00 CST

Pure SSD vs. SSD Accelerated

Pure SSD Storage

Services with Pure SSD Storage can deliver extremely high random as well as sequential reads and writes offering ultra-high disk performance. This means that whether you are running a basic Wordpress website, a high stress database or application, enjoy a very large number of concurrent visitors on a regular basis, or anything in between, big or small, a Pure SSD service will increase its performance.

Our Pure SSD servers have at least 128GB RAM and 32 CPU cores utilizing only the latest enterprise grade, highly redundant equipment. The SSD drives themselves yield upwards of 150,000 IOPS each and are configured in a redundant hardware RAID10 cached environment. With the much higher hardware cost, you sacrifice capacity for performance.

SSD Accelerated Storage

Services with SSD Accelerated Storage provide far higher than average disk performance with the added benefit of maintaining the disk capacity of traditional drives. Standard workloads such as small traffic websites, production webservers or mid-traffic database driven sites that require higher storage than our Pure SSD solutions offer are ideal candidates.

Our SSD Accelerated services are built using the latest LSI CacheCade technology[!]. CacheCade works by having a SSD array, otherwise known as flash cache in front of the primary disk array thereby accelerating all incoming reads and writes. It dynamically keeps the hottest (most accessed) data stored on the SSD array so you can be sure that your most critical parts of your website or application are always moving at near-SSD speeds. While significantly faster than non-SSD accelerated hosting environments, there is still a performance decrease from our Pure SSD solutions – you are sacrificing performance for added storage.

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