Utilize WordPress on Cloudflare to Drive Optimal Performance

Hosting a website on the Internet has never been easier. With a credit card or a server, and a bit of effort, you can set up your very own site. 

With that said, ensuring that your website is readily available to everyone in the world quickly, reliably, and securely is where things start to get complicated. 

From problems such as slow loading speeds to targeted attacks and malicious bots, there are many ways running your own WordPress site can go wrong. Even the content delivery network (CDN) integration could make or break your website. 

Which is why our partnership with Cloudflare is so important. It allows us to supercharge our Managed WordPress Hosting, giving you phenomenal performance, security, and DDoS protection.

In this article, we’ll share exactly how BigScoots utilizes WordPress on Cloudflare to improve our Managed WordPress Hosting solutions for our clients and avoid all of the above headaches from happening.

But First… What is Cloudflare? 

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Back in the day, if your website was hosted on physical data centers in Chicago, and someone was visiting your website from India, it would take a very long time for the data to reach them. 

Specifically because the request to access the website would need to travel overseas, through the optic fiber, and arrive at the Chicago data center. Once the request arrives and the server has completed processing the request, the response would need to travel back to India.   

Today, you do not need to worry about a physical server or issues like your internet service provider crashing. With Cloudflare’s global content delivery network (CDN), a system of distributed servers are strategically placed around the globe. It allows your website to reach your target audience wherever they are, and fast. 

Say, your website is hosted in Chicago and you have a site visitor located in Brazil. The request to access the website would be handled by a CDN edge server physically located nearest to the user making the request, so the request would not have to travel that distance to Chicago to access the data. 

By storing your site’s HTML web pages and static content (like CSS, JS, or images) on servers all around the world – in 320 cities across more than 120 countries to date – Cloudflare ensures that your site loads faster for everyone, everywhere. 

Why Does BigScoots Use WordPress on Cloudflare?

Allow us to gush over the benefits of WordPress on Cloudflare and you’ll understand why it’s been our go-to for our Managed WordPress Hosting solutions. 

Protection Against DDoS Attacks:

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A Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack floods the traffic of a targeted network so it becomes unavailable to normal users. Cloudflare’s automated systems detect such attacks and mitigate them immediately. 

This rapid response minimizes downtime and ensures your site remains accessible to legitimate users through the largest of attacks. Without this Cloudflare service, your WordPress site could be easily cut off from your users. 

We’ve helped many of our clients intercept DDoS attacks, preventing their WordPress sites from crashing. 

Protection from Malicious Bots:

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In addition to its security and network reliability, the Cloudflare Enterprise upgrade provides advanced bot detection capabilities. This feature identifies and mitigates harmful bots that can steal your content, pollute your databases, and even gain unauthorized access to user accounts. 

We’ve heard too many of these stories from clients before they migrated to BigScoots, and we wouldn’t wish this on our worst enemies. 

Today, our clients can run their WordPress websites without having to worry about harmful bots and other nefarious intrusions. 

Cloudflare can detect a legitimate user and their traffic while putting roadblocks in the place of bots. No normal user is going to access several hundred pages of content in a matter of seconds, after all. 

This gives your site one additional layer of security while maintaining the speed and performance that your users expect when they visit.

Enhanced Security with Cloudflare Enterprise:

Cloudflare Enterprise enhances website security through advanced features like enhanced SSL/TLS encryption and a sophisticated Web Application Firewall (WAF). This ensures that all data transferred between your website and its users is securely encrypted. 

Web Application Firewall (WAF) icon

Your users will feel more confident and safe visiting your Cloudflare WordPress website, even if it’s not always the first thing on their minds.

Additionally, Cloudflare’s firewall is a powerful defense against many online threats, even detecting new ones as they emerge. It continuously filters and monitors traffic between your WordPress website and the internet, and blocks your WordPress site from potentially harmful visits.

Better SEO with Cloudflare:

When website speed is king, users who can access their favorite sites faster will have significantly higher user satisfaction and engagement. Faster load times are particularly important for retaining visitors, reducing bounce rates, and increasing organic referrals. 

Plus, improved performance can positively impact your site’s SEO, as search engines prioritize faster websites with great user experience. 

We’ve seen drastic improvements in SEO performance for clients who have since migrated to our Managed WordPress Hosting services. 

They are more likely to rank on the first page not only because of keywords, but because of technical details like faster load time and better website performance overall. 

Cloudflare’s intelligent traffic management significantly enhances your website’s performance by dynamically routing traffic through the fastest and least congested paths available. 

It allows us to help you provide the most seamless and reliable experience for your visitors. 

Over A Decade of BigScoots Integration with Cloudflare

Over a decade ago, we saw the potential in a new technology that was just beginning to emerge. This technology – edge-level and CDN-level page caching – promised to make websites load faster by storing copies of webpages closer to the site’s visitors. 

We chose to adopt Cloudflare’s services to cache web pages and static content to improve our customers’ website performance before any other hosting company did. 

We’ve continued to work together with Cloudflare over the years to ensure that we are bringing the best features and support we can to our clients. 

While many different companies like Akamai and Amazon Web Services provide CDNs, we decided to partner with the world-leading solutions provided by Cloudflare. Their comprehensive suite of technology gives our clients the most robust set of performance and security enhancements available. 

Cloudflare’s innovative and extensive network ensures our fully managed WordPress sites receive exceptional speed, security, and reliability.

Today, BigScoots integrates Cloudflare deeply into its Managed WordPress Hosting services to enhance user experience. Every action we take is driven by Cloudflare’s capabilities to benefit end users. 

Additionally, BigScoots offers upgraded Cloudflare Enterprise accounts as part of our WordPress Optimization Services and WordPress Maintenance Services. This includes setting up advanced features like higher cache HIT ratios, web application firewall (WAF) security, and protection from malicious bots. 

BigScoots fully manages all Cloudflare-related aspects, ensuring clients enjoy seamless and worry-free performance enhancements. 

If you don’t have a Cloudflare account, we automate the creation and setup of a free Cloudflare account on your behalf to ensure you reap the benefits of one. 

BigScoots’ Dedicated Team of Cloudflare-Certified Engineers

Here at BigScoots, one of our key strengths is our excellent team of Cloudflare-certified engineers. These engineers bring a deep understanding of Cloudflare’s capabilities and best practices, ensuring that your site benefits from the most advanced performance and security features available. 

We work in close collaboration with Cloudflare’s team to evaluate new performance and security technologies for all of our clients. As part of the support we offer at BigScoots, our clients have access to our trained experts 24/7, should any issue arise. 

Simply reach out to us and we’ll be in touch within 90 seconds. 

Enhance Your Website with Cloudflare at BigScoots

Our Managed WordPress Hosting services are designed to deliver unmatched performance, security, and service for your Cloudflare WordPress site, completely integrated with a leading global CDN. 

We encourage you to experience the power of BigScoots and Cloudflare for yourself. Seeing the results is the best way to understand why we recommend it over and over again.

Our team will take care of the entire setup and management process, so you don’t have to worry about anything as our talented staff works to bring you onboard. 

Ready to get Managed WordPress Hosting with Cloudflare to enhance your website’s performance and security? Chat with our team to get started!