Using Patchstack to Secure Managed WordPress Hosting Services

With constant cyber threats, malware, and other online concerns; website owners need to ensure the security and integrity of their sites to safeguard the trust of their visitors. In this article we will discuss how security solutions, such as Patchstack, can help fortify and secure websites against malicious attacks. We will then look at the advantages of Patchstack to secure managed WordPress hosting services when integrated into BigScoots WordPress Speed Optimization Services.

What is Patchstack?

Patchstack Security Solution

Patchstack is a vulnerability detection and mitigation solution for WordPress sites. As the #1 vulnerability intelligence provider in the WordPress ecosystem, it has the advantage to know about the latest security vulnerabilities first. Patchstack then prioritizes the vulnerabilities for it’s users and alerts them when ever a website has become compromised.

Additional to vulnerability detection and prioritization, Patchstack automatically mitigates security vulnerabilities with its vPatches that close down vulnerabilities even when official fixes are not available. It does all that without changing any code on the website, nor cause any performance impact and false-positives.

Scanning and Threat Detection  

One of the key advantages of Patchstack is its ability to scan websites, use its extensive database, and identify potential security concerns in versions of plugins, themes, or WordPress core to proactively mitigate them before they can be exploited by hackers. This feature ensures that websites are protected against both known and emerging threats. 

WordPress Vulnerabilities

Patchstack protects the integrity of fully managed WordPress sites by keeping security measures up to date when new managed WordPress releases may create compromising security issues. 

Plugin and Theme Patching

Patchstack monitors, patches, and updates plugins and themes to prevent potential security loopholes or threats that can arise if not updated regularly.

Immediate Migration with vPatches

If a vulnerability is detected, Patchstack sends vpatches to sites which mitigate the concern even if a site is not updated. If an issue is detected that does not have a patch, it provides a virtual patch that can temporarily fix issues until official patches can be released, reducing any opportunity for cyber criminals to find and exploit.

Real-Time Security Alerts

Patchstack offers real-time security alerts of malicious or suspicious activities, providing the opportunity to take action and protect websites from potential breaches.

Centralized Security Management

Patchstack provides a centralized security management dashboard that allows for monitoring and management of security from one place.

With the help of Patchstack, you can streamline processes and fortify an online presence against potential threats. When it is integrated into WordPress Speed Optimization Services or WordPress Maintenance Services, its impact is multiplied.

The Advantage with BigScoots WordPress Speed Optimization Services

BigScoots has been delivering site-specific Managed WordPress Hosting since 2010 and is today one of the best Managed WordPress hosting providers by Net Promoter Score (NPS). But BigScoots delivers more than just web hosting.

BigScoots offers WordPress speed optimization services and WordPress maintenance services that enable Managed WordPress Optimized (WPO) clients to use BigScoots WordPress engineers and developers to optimize their website performance and security. A key component of these services is Patchstack.

Included with WordPress Speed Optimization Services

One of the advantages of Patchstack with BigScoots is that it is already included. You do not need to buy a separate license. The plugin with features such as vPatche is already built into the monthly or annual costs of BigScoots’ WordPress Speed Optimization Services. 

Managed by BigScoots Experts

From initial installation to the ongoing management and maintenance of the Patchstack plugin, the BigScoots WordPress team handles everything for you. Additionally, BigScoots works directly with their team to quickly address any plugin concerns or issues for faster resolution. This allows you to focus on your business while the BigScoots team keeps things running smoothly in the background.

Complements Overall Security

Patchstack not only focuses on patching vulnerabilities, but it also provides an array of additional security features, such as brute force attack protection, IP blocking, and more. These capabilities complement security and performance plugins, such as the BigScoots WordPress Cache Plugin and others, used by the BigScoots team to create a robust fortress around websites.


Maintaining a secure managed WordPress website is essential. But it can be a daunting task. Fortunately, performance and security solutions such as Patchstack can help to streamline these efforts. But if you cannot (or do not want to) install and manage this plugin on your own, consider using the BigScoots team.

When you add a WordPress Speed Optimization Service and/or a WordPress Maintenance Service in conjunction with a BigScoots Managed WPO hosting plan, you get the advantage of Patchstack, complemented by a broad portfolio of other featured tools. All managed and maintained by the WordPress experts at BigScoots.

This best-of-both-worlds approach will keep your website safe and secure and ensure a smooth browsing experience for you and your visitors.

BigScoots WordPress Speed Optimization Service

If you want to maintain comprehensive WordPress speed optimization on an ongoing basis, BigScoots offers Performance and Security Packages. The BigScoots Performance and Security Packages are WordPress Speed Optimization Services developed specifically to boost Google Core Web Vitals, improve page speed, and layer on additional security features to protect BigScoots Managed WordPress sites.

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To learn more about the feature-rich Performance and Security Packages along with real-world examples of improvements that BigScoots clients have experienced, visit the BigScoots WordPress Speed Optimization page.

If you need more direct hands-on services, BigScoots WordPress Experts can be engaged to perform more page-specific maintenance, customization, or development service through WordPress Maintenance Services.

Get in touch with our team to explore the potential WordPress performance improvements your Managed WordPress site can gain!