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WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Boost your Core Web Vitals, improve Page Speed, and augment your WordPress security with our exclusive Performance Package.

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What is the Performance Package?

Our Performance Package is a WordPress speed optimization service that will help to reduce and/or eliminate many of the problematic areas responsible for creating performance issues that you may see repoted by Google.

Common Areas or Items Addressed

  • Largest Contentful Paint image was not lazily loaded
  • Reduce unused JavaScript
  • Eliminate render-blocking resources
  • Serve images in next-gen format
  • Reduce initial server response time
  • Reduce unused CSS
  • Image elements have explicit width and height
  • Reduce impact of third-party code
  • Defer offscreen images
  • Minify CSS
  • Minify JavaScript
  • Efficiently encode images
  • Preload Largest Contentful Paint image
  • Enable text compression
  • Preconnect to required origins
  • Avoid multiple-page redirects
  • Preload key requests

Real World Examples of Improvement

Features and Benefits

Leverage our enterprise-edge resources and knowledgeable staff of WordPress consultants to improve the performance of your site.

Human Page Speed Support Icon

Human Page Speed Support

Our knowledgeable page speed experts perform initial hands-on optimizations catered to your unique website and provide continuous support to ensure long-term performance.

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WordPress Image Optimization

All images are automatically optimized on-the-fly and delivered to your visitors in the Google-recommended WebP image format. No image plugins are needed.

Proprietary Performance Plugin Icon

WordPress Speed Optimization Plugin

The included premium plugin will reduce unused JavaScript, reduce unused CSS, eliminate render blocking resources, and drastically improve the overall speed metrics of your website

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Edge Caching

To enhance all Core Web Vitals, your visitors receive your webpage from an edge server nearest to them, substantially reducing their Time to First Byte (TTFB).

Premium Network powered by Cloudflare Icon

Premium Network

Your website’s assets are hosted on Cloudflare’s Enterprise CDN, ensuring prioritized and faster delivery than regular Cloudflare traffic.

Web Application Firewall Icon

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

No additional security plugins are needed, Cloudflare’s industry-leading WordPress WAF will be sitting above your site, filtering threats and attacks before they ever reach your site.

Pricing Calculator

Pricing is calculated based on the number of websites and monthly traffic/bandwidth (whichever is greater).

Traffic: 500K / Bandwidth: 700GB

More traffic? No problem!

Enterprise WordPress setups, multisites, streaming sites and other custom sites are always supported. Talk to us!

Why upgrade to the Performance Package?

Our Managed WordPress plans are fast, but upgrading will make your website much faster and provide you with access to our page speed experts who are willing to get hands-on with your website regarding page speed issues.

Included with Managed WordPress

Included with all Managed WordPress Optimized (WPO) Plans


  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Implemented and Proactively Monitored by BigScoots
  • DDoS Protection
  • Basic Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Super fast DNS

Performance Package

Premium Addon for Enhanced Performance and Security

Starts at $17.95/month per domain

All the benefits of WPO plans, and:

  • Full Page Caching via BigScoots WordPress Cache Plugin
  • Image Optimization
  • WebP Image Delivery
  • All-in-one Premium Performance Plugin
  • Hands-On PageSpeed and Core Web Vital Support
  • Advanced Web Application Firewall
  • Integrated Anti-Spam Features
  • Argo Smart Tiered Cache
  • Cloudflare Network Prioritization and Enterprise Resources

You Ask, We Respond

What hosting plan supports the Performance Package?
Do you perform the optimizations for me?
Why is the pricing per domain? Why can’t it apply to all my websites?
Can I remove or cancel my image optimization and other performance plugins?
What is Cloudflare Enterprise?

The World’s Fastest Hosting Powered by Cloudflare

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Truly Global

Cloudflare is located globally in over 180 data centers, including one shared with BigScoots! Together we bring your website content as close as possible to your visitors.

World Leader

Cloudflare is larger than their 8 next competitors combined, with more than 15% of the internet globally being served from a Cloudflare resource.

Security Expertise

Cloudflare continues to beat their own records by blocking the largest DDoS attacks globally, protecting many of the largest companies and mission critical networks that exist.