What Makes BigScoots Better

Our team is a globally and culturally diverse group of exceptional humans. We all share a passion for customer success and are driven to do better every day. BigScoots began 13 years ago with the vision of doing hosting better, and our team carries that mission forward every single day.

Why Do You Recommend BigScoots To Your Clients?

“Hosting is foundational for SEO. For us, having an environment like BigScoots’ where you make it easy for people to migrate, you provide a great hosting environment and great customer service it just makes it easy for us. We always see an improvement in performance and SEO when moving clients to BigScoots.”
“BigScoots solves all of our clients problems so well. They know our clients specific needs. They know how to serve high traffic and high performing sites extremely well.”
“BigScoots is my first recommendation for a host. Hands down. No questions asked. When someone asks who they should host with, I always say BigScoots!”
“When it comes to BigScoots, we suggest it because its quality servers, quality software and quality service. The customer service – no one even gets close to it within the hosting world. All other hosting providers you’ve just blown by.”
“When you are managing the technical side of things yourself you can spend 20+ hours a week on it just trying to keep on top of things. But when you move to an entirely managed WordPress service like BigScoots, that drops down to, maybe, 15 minutes a week at a max!”

What Keeps You Hosting With BigScoots?

“Hosting with BigScoots is the best money I spend every month!”

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“It was almost too good to be true. I knew I’d be with BigScoots forever!”

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“You’re making it easy, and providing great customer service that checks all the boxes for us.”

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“The more clients we have hosting with BigScoots, the easier our lives are…everything runs smoother and better.”

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“It’s quality software and quality customer service. No one even gets close to it within the hosting industry in the way BigScoots does!”

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“BigScoots solves all of our clients problems so well!”

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“100% of the responses we get back from our clients when asked about BigScoots are positive!”

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“I moved over to BigScoots in 2013, and I’ve never looked back!”

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“What BigScoots does is make their customers feel special. When a customer feels special, they build loyalty and trust to that brand they’re working with, and you guys do that so well!”

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A Team You Can Trust

Meet the team! We’re a diverse group of humans with diverse areas of expertise, who are located around the world and are deeply passionate about our client’s success. We form real partnerships with our clients, are here 24/7 proactively monitoring your site and available within ~90 seconds to dive deep when it matters most.

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dean casual
As the Team Manager, I use my expertise to oversee the training and development of our engineers, onboarding new employees as well as handling support via the help desk.
Adept at maintaining and securing WordPress sites for optimal performance
Prasul Headshot prasul casual
Lives in binaries and logs, smitten by the matrix digital rain!
Katie Headshot katie casual
Hey! I’m Katie. I handle marketing, sales, customer success & have my toe in lots of other areas! I love animals & travelling, which is usually where you can find outside of work! 🙂
Gibu Headshot gibu casual
Hey, I’m Gibu. I’m passionate about providing personalized care to our clients and helping them identify the issues.
Zach Headshot zach casual
Hello, I’m Zach, and I specialize in Cloudflare Enterprise and improving website performance for our customers.
Server tech guru with 11+ years of experience. Apart from work, I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle through sports, swimming and pursuing educational and ethical self-development.
JK Headshot jk casual
10+ years of IT experience, expert in troubleshooting, configuration, and implementation. Passionate about technology and innovative solutions.
Baber Headshot
An actual medical doctor, repurposing his skills to heal your websites.
Michael Headshot michael casual
I’m Michael! Committed to providing every BigScoots client with the attention to detail and efficient support they deserve.
Sadiq Headshot
Hi, I’m Sadiq, a systems administrator with BigScoots! In my free time you can find me reading fiction books, listening to music, and playing video games.
shibin casual
I am dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and always ensuring smooth operations for clients.
jobin casual
Hey, I’m Jay! A tech wizard who is unceasingly energized by curiosity.
Hi! I’m Nicolaj and I handle the day-to-day network operations and deployment of new network devices.
Hey, I’m Sandy! I’m here to help you reach your goals! Outside of work, you can find me listening to music and cooking/baking with my toddler.
Hi! I’m Minhal. As a tech troubleshooter by day, I wield my skills in the world of servers. Beyond the code, I indulge in cycling adventures, soccer matches, and immersing myself in the world of video games.
I’m Saumya – an engineer, problem solver, WordPress and Cloudflare expert. I like to solve any and all technical problems, and play with all kinds of codes.

14 Years of Five-Star Reviews

Excellent site speed and reliability. Excellent customer service – always available to help with questions. The best decision I ever made was to switch to BigScoots for my sites.
Five Stars
BigScoots webhosting is amazing. The speed issues on my site got better after moving to BigScoots. Their customer service is great! Quick response, ability to understand and solve problems quickly, and providing suggestions (even when it is not their problem) are some of the things I love about their service.
Five Stars
The best hosting I could ever wish for our site. Reliable service – and amazing customer support. Absolutely recommend BigScoots.
Five Stars
We love BigScoots and will never change hosting companies! One of my team scoured the web a couple of years ago looking for a new hosting provider because HostGator was not cutting it anymore. She did a ton of research and recommended BigScoots. They are absolutely incredible, super responsive, helpful and when I open a ticket instead of someone on my team who is a technical person (I’m super non-techie) they are patient and incredibly helpful. They’ve solved several big glitches for us… (that between you and me… were probably our fault) We LOVE BigScoots.
Five Stars
Just moved my wife’s blog to @bigscoots. I know, strange name, but their support has been excellent and is as responsive as advertised.
Five Stars
I use @BigScoots and adore them! I moved to them from another host and they transferred my whole site for me in under an hour! My site got faster too and I pay under £10 per month.
Five Stars
I have been with BigScoots for 6 years and their service and performance has been top-notch, very fast response to my inquiries. All issues are Solved very quickly and the technical support is some of the best in the industry. BigScoots has several hosting tiers, everything to fit your needs and excellent prices, you always get more hosting and features for your dollar. I highly recommend BigScoots, fantastic customer service and support. DigitalPorch highly recommends BigScoots.
Five Stars
For a non-techy person like me, they had the patience of the saints and answered all the questions that I had. They have been there every step of the way. Thank you so much. I recommend them for anyone who wants a great Hosting service.
Five Stars
If you care about your online business, don’t bother choosing any other host but Bigscoots.
Five Stars
Best support and knowledge of WP environment ever. Our WordPress is flying.⚡
Five Stars
We Own Everything Graphic

We own everything

All of our infrastructure here at BigScoots
is owned and operated entirely by us. Being in complete control of the process start-to-finish means we know your environment inside and out.

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Industry partnerships

We’ve spent years forming relationships with industry experts and service leaders, providing integrated workflows and industry leading service.

We’re growing!

3 years in a row being listed on Fortune5000’s list of the fastest growing companies in America means that we’re a growing, happy, exciting company that you can count on to be here to grow with you.

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