We Love Our Clients. Our Clients Love Us.

We’re proud to host 17,000+ businesses all around the globe. Ranging from brand-new WordPress sites to high-traffic blogs, high-volume agencies, universities, and Fortune 500 companies. Our clients rely on us to deliver the speed, management and security they need 24/7.

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13 Years of Caring Deeply About Customer Success and Being Passionate Towards Service.

The dedicated time and attention we put into each one of our clients is what sets us apart. Being passionate about our client’s success drives us to do better, delivering web hosting environments that are faster and more reliable than they’ve ever had before. Fully managed web hosting with BigScoots is nothing like you’ve experienced before, we’re always available, we care unlike any other host can.

WordPress Expert

Mike Zielonka Found a Proactive Support Team With BigScoots

Mike Zielonka, a digital marketing and WordPress expert, found a proactive support team he could trust with BigScoots! Along with hosting his personal website with BigScoots, Mike often refers clients to BigScoots knowing that they too will receive the same high-level of service that he does.

WordPress Expert

iMark Interactive Found a Reliable Hosting Partner With BigScoots

iMark Interactive is a WordPress support and maintenance company that has a collaborative partnership with BigScoots. This partnership allows us to address issues and concerns proactively for our mutual clients in real-time, and in most cases before the client notices.


CultivateWP Builds Blazing Fast Websites With BigScoots

Cultivate WP was created to build and launch publisher sites at scale, no matter if you’re serving 1 million or 50 million pages a month. BigScoots helps Bill and his team deliver beautifully designed and efficiently developed WordPress sites that never compromise on performance or security.

Personal. Expert. Always There. That’s Real Managed Hosting.

Completely managed web hosting that works for you, because experts built it just for you.

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SEO Expert

TopHatRank Improves SEO For Clients With BigScoots

Clients of TopHatRank undergo an extremely thorough onboarding process, starting with a technical SEO audit which identifies underlying site issues with performance and page speed that hosting with BigScoots can help improve.

WordPress Expert

NerdPress Improves Team Productivity with BigScoots

NerdPress simplifies the management of a blogger’s WordPress site with a focus on Google Core Web Vital improvements. By partnering with BigScoots they are able to offer faster, more reliable sites with overall peace-of-mind.

Food Blogger

Simply Happy Foodie Trusts BigScoots With Their Livelihood

Simply Happy Foodie believes one major benefit of partnering with BigScoots is our excitement for working with the other partners they work with, like NerdPress, which means you no longer have to wear the typical “middle-person” hat.

Food Blogger

Hangry Woman Finally Got Stability with BigScoots

Ever since switching to BigScoots’ hands-on management, optimizations and proactive monitoring found in our Fully Managed WordPress hosting services, Hangry Woman is loading in as little as ~800 milliseconds!

Food Blogger

The Black Peppercorn Got More Value With BigScoots

The Black Peppercorn believes one major benefit of hosting with BigScoots is they work directly with other technical partners like NerdPress. Their clients don’t have to be a “middle-person”, and resolutions are found much faster.

Agency Developer

SetMySite Found Quality Servers and Service with BigScoots

Having been in the business since 2010, Billy has a great sense of whether or not a WordPress website is hosted with a reliable hosting provider, which is why he and his team have been working with BigScoots for so many successful years.

Food Blogger

100 Days of Real Food Found Reliability in BigScoots

100 Days of Real Food had dealt with their fair share of hosting companies. They learned the ins and outs of what a WordPress food blog needed and they weren’t willing to settle for anything less than BigScoots.