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BigScoots Performance Addon

Partner with our website speed experts and leverage cutting-edge Cloudflare technology to optimize your website’s Core Web Vitals, boost its PSI Score, and enhance its security.

We’re here to help you achieve a faster, more secure, and more seamless online experience!

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Features and Benefits

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Image Optimization

Images are optimized on the fly using Cloudflare’s resources, not yours. Remove your image optimization plugins, and let Cloudflare do the work!

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Webp Image Delivery

Regardless if you upload your images in jpg or png format, Cloudflare will also serve them in the Google recommended webp image format.

Edge Caching

We store your web pages on Cloudflare servers worldwide. Visitors receive a cached version from the nearest server, reducing TTFB and improving your Core Web Vitals.

Premium Optimization Plugin

Streamlines your website by minimizing unused CSS, eliminating render-blocking resources, deferring unused Javascript, Lazy Loading your images, and minifying your code.

White Glove Service

We will handle it for you! Our team of experts performs all the necessary optimizations to ensure your website scores well and your Core Web Vitals improve over time.

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Web Application Firewall (WAF)

No additional security plugins are needed, Cloudflare’s industry-leading Enterprise WAF will be sitting above your site, filtering threats and attacks before they even reach your site.

Performance Plan

$17 /mo
500k Visitors/700GB Bandwidth
Full page cache
Argo Smart Tiered Cache
Image optimization
Webp image delivery
Advanced control and improved performance with the BigScoots cache plugin
Cloudflare Network Prioritization and Enterprise Resources

More traffic? No problem!

Add buckets of 500K unique visitors for $15/mo. ($55/mo. on Tier 3)


Basic Included with WPO

Cloudflare basic is a fundamental component of our WPO service, providing an array of features that come standard, regardless of your subscription to Cloudflare Enterprise.

  • Fast, Easy-to-use DNS
  • Global content delivery network (CDN)
  • DDoS Protection
  • Managed Page Rules

You Ask, We Respond

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The World’s Fastest & Most Secure Network

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Truly Global

Cloudflare is located globally in over 180 data centers, including one shared with BigScoots! Together we bring your website content as close as possible to your visitors.

World Leader

Cloudflare is larger than their 8 next competitors combined, with more than 15% of the internet globally being served from a Cloudflare resource.

Security Expertise

Cloudflare continues to beat their own records by blocking the largest DDoS attacks globally, protecting many of the largest companies and mission critical networks that exist.