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Whether you are running a small blog or looking to scale out a sophisticated corporate site, we offer the fastest Managed WordPress Hosting plans on the web today, period. We customize, optimize and redefine performance, security and scalability by stripping away all unnecessary bulk you no longer need with our completely hands-on, personable and around-the-clock management we're known for. The result? You’re getting a fully Managed WordPress Hosting environment that is built for speed.

    • Included Installs
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    • SSD Storage
    • Free SSL Certificates
    • Free E-Mail
    • Fully Managed
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    • 250K
    • 10 GB
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    • 750K
    • 30 GB
    • 20
    • 1.5 Million
    • 200 GB
    • Unlimited
    • Millions+
    • Unlimited
    • Server Environment
    • CDN
    • Premium Bandwidth
    • Free Migrations
    • DDoS Protection
    • WordPress Multisite
    • Proactive Monitoring
    • Free Backups
    • Website Staging
    • Enhanced Security
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    • Virtual Dedicated
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    • 1000 GB
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    • $34.95
    • Virtual Dedicated
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    • Unlimited
    • 3
    • $98.95
    • Fully Dedicated
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    • Unlimited
    • 10
    • $248.95
    • Fully Dedicated
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How We Do It

    • Enhanced Security

      With every WordPress install we deploy enhanced brute force protection, a custom firewall solution, spam filtering and malware scanning as well as network-wide DDoS protection. Our Fully Managed WordPress Hosting solutions ensure that your site is not only blazing fast but is also always secure.

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    • Ongoing Optimization

      Without having to be asked the “correct” questions, we will routinely look for and identify areas of improvement. Websites evolve and available solutions change, it is critically important your WordPress environment receives ongoing optimizations to ensure you’re squeezing out every bit of performance possible.

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    • Serious Customization

      The only way to guarantee that your website has the best scaling, performing and reliable WordPress environment is to customize your own. We remove unnecessary resource consumers and introduce and configure custom scripts and cutting edge software to deliver you an environment you can actually count on.

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    • Proactive Monitoring

      With a series of custom uptime, resource usage, security, spam and outage scripts we identify potential issues and monitor your WordPress websites from multiple locations around the world to ensure they are not only up, but also performing as optimally as possible 24/7.

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    What Makes Us Better

    • 45 Day Guarantee

      Give us 45 days to show you why we’re the best host you’ve ever had or your money back!

    • 30 Days of Backups

      Managed, reliable and completely free daily backups to keep your data safe.

    • Real Management 24/7

      U.S. based, personable, hands-on management that's always available.

    • 99.99% Uptime

      Guaranteed uptime delivered year after year without exception.

    You Ask, We Respond

    • What is Managed WordPress Optimized Hosting?
      Managed WordPress Optimized Hosting is a custom solution built specifically for your WordPress website. We drastically improve security, performance and scalability by stripping away all of the unnecessary “fat” to deliver an extremely lean WordPress environment that we totally and completely manage for you. WordPress Optimized clients can expect to absorb spikes in traffic without issue, grow substantially without needing to upgrade and expect to have the fastest website they’ve ever had.
    • I have no idea how to manage a server, will this still work for me?
      Absolutely, that is what we are here for! We are always behind the scenes proactively monitoring and optimizing your site for performance and security - but we're also very eager to help with anything you may be having trouble with! We truly believe Managed WordPress Hosting means exactly that, it is managed and therefore our clients should never have to worry, and know for certain a team they can always count on is there for them. In addition to our industry leading 24/7 availability and 5 minute response time management team, we also provide access to our WordPress Optimized Portal (WPO). It is designed and updated regularly to provide tools that makes it very easy to manage key features of your WordPress site!
    • How do you offer the fastest WordPress hosting out there?
      Having moved many tens of thousands of clients to us from other hosts over the years, we know how things are done elsewhere and we know the results we get for every single one of our clients. As a small, agile and efficient expert team we’re able to dedicate a serious amount of one-on-one time to all of our Managed WordPress Hosting services to achieve completely optimal performance. To date, we’ve yet to be beaten and we intend on it staying that way.
    • Does my service come with a control panel?
      Yes, absolutely! From the moment you sign up for a Fully Managed WordPress Service, our custom built WPO Portal is where you'll find all of your active services and domains listed, access to our hands on industry leading 24/7 support team, seamless migration requests, automated and manual backups, one-click staging, redirects, WP cloning, site traffic and usage data, DNS adjustments, FTP, PHPMyAdmin, SSH, new WP site requests, and much much more! Of course if there is ever anything that you would like help with, just let us know and we’ll have it taken care of for you right away!
    • Why are you better than the other WordPress “specific” hosts?
      Our relentless drive to deliver the best service and management in the industry is the reason why our clients continue to choose us over our competitors year after year. As a team who are able to dedicate the time each and every one of our clients requires means that we’re the team who can deliver faster, more reliable and superior service every time. We have demonstrated over the 8 years we’ve been in business that we will never settle for anything less and that is exactly what you can expect.

    Our Clients Love Us

    • bree-AH-nuh

      The guys at @BigScoots are my heroes <3

    • Dorian Speed

      @BigScoots has such great customer support, real humans answer tickets, no jumping through hoops! #WordPress

    • Jeff Borkowski

      After years of dealing with nothing but nightmares and useless support at HostGator, I made the switch for myself and all my clients over to BigScoots. Just wish I had switched sooner.

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