Why Doesn’t BigScoots Do Black Friday?

If you’ve reached this page, it probably means that Black Friday and Cyber Monday is right around the corner and you’re looking to strike up some great deals on a BigScoots Managed WordPress, VPS, shared, reseller or dedicated hosting service.

We started BigScoots with the idea that we wanted to be different, we didn’t want to compete in the deadly pricing game that our industry seems to hold so near-and-dear that inevitably, by definition, must effect quality of service – instead we chose to focus on becoming the best managed hosting solution out there, no questions asked.

Over the years, and this year is no different, we receive countless requests regarding Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and it felt about time we address this pain point for a lot of prospective clients by offering up an answer for why BigScoots doesn’t do Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Please Note: Despite not participating in the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales craze, BigScoots still offers a variety of one-time off your first month coupons for new users to test out our services to see what all the fuss is about before fully committing. Fun Fact: 99% of people that gave us a try, never left!

Why Doesn’t BigScoots Do Black Friday (or Cyber Monday)?

To put it plainly, substantial, long term, recurring coupons must impact quality of service.

If we had the capability of offering super large discounts, which is what is expected for the discount season, that would mean either:

  • A) We over charge our clients on a regular basis and are therefore able to offer substantial discounts while still maintaining the same level of service our customers have come to know and love, or
  • B) We are unable to deliver the same level of exceptional service to every single client.

In both cases, we politely decline to take part 😄

At BigScoots we price ourselves to be able to deliver the exact same level of service to every single client that walks through our doors without exception; big and complex, small and basic, and everything in between. We also make the personal decision to not deceive our clients or to be greedy – instead we take the approach of being honest and straight forward with our pricing. Our clients are never charged extra for overages or forceful upgrades, we do not discount for the “first term” to then increase pricing later on, we simply deliver an exceptional service that is a force to be reckoned with at a price that allows us to maintain it forever.

I think its also important to note that our sticker pricing is actually considerably less than most of our direct competitors (WPEngine, Kinsta, Pagely, Flywheel), while still delivering an exceptional level of service and performance (comparison) that continues to set us apart.

Maybe BigScoots Should Reconsider As Most Hosting Providers Are Doing It?

Doing what everyone else is doing has never been our strong suit! 😆

Searching just about any hosting provider will probably return hundreds of results that seemingly go on forever. We are consistently migrating unhappy clients from these very same hosting providers every single day.

When we started BigScoots over 8 years ago we chose not to compete on price, but instead on service. In that time we’ve stayed true to our mission and today sit here with 100% positive reviews since the day we opened our doors, giving an incredibly candid view into the level of service and hands-on time and attention any new client should expect when coming on board here with us. This time and attention is exactly what is delivering these business changing results for our clients.

Will BigScoots Ever Consider BIG Deals In the Future?

Nope! 😄

But we will continue to offer one-time off your first month coupons for those who are still a little unconvinced, so they may give us a try and see the difference exceptional hosting can make first hand!

Written by Katie
Marketing and Client Success Manager