The Advantage of Perfmatters to Unleash BigScoots Managed WordPress Performance

The need for speed is real. And plugins such as Perfmatters can help to unleash new levels of performance.

Every second counts these days when it comes to the website user experience. In a recent article called 4 DIY Tips to Achieve Improved WordPress Performance, BigScoots explained how poor WordPress performance speed can negatively affect a site’s SEO rankings and people’s use of that site.  

That article shared some simple tips to optimize site performance. The optimal way to ensure your best performance, however, is to implement a WordPress speed optimization service package or hands-on WordPress maintenance service as suggested in the article Choosing a WordPress Speed Optimization Service for Improved WordPress Performance.

The advantages of these services not only give you access to WordPress engineers and developers who understand how to speed up WordPress, but they also know how to identify, integrate, and use complementary plugins, such as Perfmatters to unleash new levels of performance.

What is Perfmatters?

Perfmatters is a lightweight performance optimization plugin specifically designed for WordPress. Developed by web performance experts, it focuses on streamlining the front end of your website, resulting in faster page load times and a smoother user experience. It empowers you to fine-tune your WordPress site without any advanced coding.

Perfmatters logo

On its own, it is a powerful tool to perform such improvements as reducing HTTP requests, disabling unnecessary functions, optimizing Google Fonts, lazy loading images, managing scripts efficiently, delaying JS, removing unused CSS, and much more. But when this performance plugin is complemented by additional BigScoots WordPress speed optimization services or WordPress maintenance services, it can help websites hit new highs.

What is BigScoots?

BigScoots has been delivering site-specific Managed WordPress Hosting since 2010 and is today one of the best Managed WordPress hosting providers by Net Promoter Score (NPS). But BigScoots delivers more than just web hosting. 

BigScoots has a team of WordPress engineers and developers that provide WordPress speed optimization services (named Performance and Security Packages), and WordPress maintenance services (named Assisted Performance Plans) for clients who need help optimizing website performance and security or need help managing the complexity of their website.   

These BigScoots WordPress speed optimization services offer the expertise of BigScoots engineers and developers to speed up WordPress sites. But team members still need the powerful tools, systems, and plugins, included with those packages and services. And while incredibly effective, there is always room to integrate additional tools for even better results.

The Perfmatters plugin is a natural complement to BigScoots hosting and its Performance packages and services.

Why Combine BigScoots and Perfmatters

Both providers focus on delivering strong WordPress performance capabilities. Interestingly, they each do so from a very unique position. The plugin delivers optimization from the standpoint of items like site settings, scripts, and coding issues. BigScoots delivers optimization from the standpoint of end-to-end site and page-specific performance, as well as specific plugin issues and themes that may not ordinarily be picked up.   

Together they are a dynamic duo that gives Perfmatters clients access to several advanced optimization features and benefits.

Cloudflare Enterprise

The BigScoots Performance and Security Packages and Assisted Performance Plans allow clients to leverage the powerful benefits of Cloudflare Enterprise that include:

Cloudflare Logo
  • Advanced Image optimization capabilities that automatically optimize and deliver images to website visitors in the Google-recommended WebP image format.
  • Premium CDN to ensure the fastest and prioritized traffic to access website assets. 
  • Cloudflare Wireless Firewall (WAF) that sits above your site, filtering threats and attacks before they ever reach your site.
  • Edge caching (via BigScoots WordPress Caching Plugin) that serves web pages from an edge server nearest to them, substantially reducing their Time to First Byte (TTFB) and improving all Core Web Vital metrics by allowing everything to load faster.

WordPress Caching Plugin

All Perfmatters clients that add BigScoots WordPress speed optimization services will get access to the BigScoots WordPress Cache Plugin, a premium, user-friendly, and robust WordPress page caching tool that was built in-house by BigScoots Developers. 

Powered by the advantage of Cloudflare Global CDN, the biggest CDN network in the world, the BigScoots WordPress Cache Plugin offers a unique set of features and benefits that boost website loads to super-fast speeds including:

  • CDN level page cache (as noted in Edge Caching bullet above)
  • Clearing cache from WordPress Admin options
  • Automatic smart cache purge that, depending on the actions performed, will automatically clear the cache only for the pages for which the cache needs to be cleared.

Read “Choosing a Proven WordPress Caching Plugin to Use with Your Website Optimization Tools” for a full description of the BigScoots WordPress Cache Plugin.

BigScoots Works Directly with Perfmatters

One of the biggest advantages is that BigScoots engineers and developers have extensive experience with the plugin and already work directly with its developers. This enables Perfmatters clients to gain several consultative, customization, and support service opportunities from BigScoots.

WordPress Expertise and Customization

Perfmatters clients can access the expertise of BigScoots engineers and developers who have extensive experience using performance tools, including the plugin, to execute WordPress speed, performance, and security optimization.

  • BigScoots Performance and Security Packages. Perfmatters clients can use these services to gain many automated and semi-managed services that maintain comprehensive website optimization for clients on an ongoing basis. 
  • BigScoots WordPress Maintenance Services. For more personalized, hands-on assistance, these services provide Perfmatters clients with individual consultations, dedicated BigScoots engineering hours, and site-specific optimization and website customization opportunities.

In summary, BigScoots can optimize Perfmatters to its fullest extent within either of the above Performance Packages or Plans.

Always Available Support

If and when Perfmatters clients need assistance, BigScoots Support offers industry-leading live chat and support responses within ~90 seconds, 24/7/365. BigScoots experts are ready to assist with issues, including most Perfmatters tickets (as part of a WordPress speed optimization service). 

The human-to-human approach to support and assistance is the main reason that BigScoots has over 13 years of 5-star reviews and why it is one of the best managed WordPress hosting providers by NPS Score.

How to Combine BigScoots and Perfmatters

If you are already using (or plan to use) a paid Perfmatters license, combining this plugin with a BigScoots WordPress speed optimization service or WordPress maintenance services is easy and free to connect. You still own your license and any costs associated with that vendor. BigScoots will connect it at no cost.

To connect the plugin, however, Perfmatters clients are required to use an active BigScoots Managed WordPress Optimized (WPO) Hosting plan.

  1. Sign up for a BigScoots WPO plan (if you do not have one already). Any WPO plan is eligible. However, clients must be on an active WPO plan to access and add speed optimization services. 
  2. Choose an optional Performance and Security Package or chat with a BigScoots team member about WordPress Maintenance Service plans.
  3. Once you are activated, a BigScoots team member will reach out to connect your individual Perfmatters plugin to your BigScoots services.


In the competitive online landscape, a fast website is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. With Perfmatters, you can enable substantial improvements in your website’s loading times and user experience to your WordPress site the extra edge to stand out from the crowd.

But when you want to start building site-specific performance and security improvements that work best for “your” WordPress site and take steps to adjust and manage those configurations on an ongoing basis, combining Perfmatters with a BigScoots WordPress Speed Optimization service will give you access to the transformative power of a lightning-fast WordPress site.