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Amarquez Agency Gains WordPress Design Clients With BigScoots

When you own and operate a business like Amarquez, a full service logo, graphics and web design company – high-performance hosting is going to be a very important piece of the puzzle. 

Amarquez Agency is a successful full-service, custom website design company founded by Aaron Marquez. After spending many years working in the graphic and print design space, Aaron found his passion in creative web design and client success after a family member requested his help on a family restaurant project – leading him to open the Amarquez Agency in 2011.

The team at Amarquez help to bring your website design ideas to life and continue with you afterwards as your partner helping to manage your website long term. Nearly a decade later, Aaron and his team have over 300 creative web site design client success stories and that number is quickly growing.

Problems with Website Hosting for US Web Design Company lead them to Big Scoots 

After garnering considerable success as a US web design company, Amarquez Agency ran into a significant problem – the website hosting providers they had been working with simply weren’t up to par. Amarquez needed reliable high-performance hosting and control in order to be the best digital design agency for their clients.

Over the decade that Amarquez Agency has been in business, they have worked with most of the leading website hosting providers in the industry.

“We have tried so many hosting providers. Everyone from WP Engine, Flywheel, Kinsta, Pantheon, everybody. But we were always unhappy.”

After several unsuccessful experiences with managed hosting providers, Aaron opted for an unmanaged service for his website design co.

“We experimented with a less managed host, but ultimately decided that we needed a team to support us when needed.”

While with the unmanaged host, Aaron and his team realized they needed the support and performance a premium managed hosting provider offered, but also the flexibility and access his design firm needed to be hands on with his clients.

“Performance was the main reason we left our last provider. The performance on our website was very slow, and we couldn’t really do much to improve it as our previous host had a very limited structure on our server.”

The BigScoots Managed Web Hosting Solution

Without any improvement on performance, Aaron began his search for a new hosting provider – which led him to BigScoots.

I think I connected so well with BigScoots because you are focused on creating a great product but also on taking care of your clients. It isn’t all about making a profit.

Aaron Marquez, AMARQUEZ Agency

Aaron discovered BigScoots on a blog roundup featuring some of the fastest most high-performance hosting providers in the industry, which eventually led him to our comparison page.

After a conversation with Scott, CEO and Co-Founder of BigScoots, Aaron decided to take the leap.

We performed a substantial migration for the Amarquez digital marketing and web design company, consisting of 50 websites. We assigned a dedicated migration manager to the Amarquez move as well so they would have a single point of contact throughout their intricate transition. The migration was an entirely seamless process over a two-week period and as requested by Aaron, was done in order of priority.

“I decided not to tell my clients that we were moving hosting providers as I didn’t want to generate any alarms. There was zero downtime and zero interruption. For the amount of sites we had to move, BigScoots made it so smooth.”

The Results of Transitioning to BigScoots Managed Web Hosting

Amarquez has been with BigScoots since February 2020, and has since grown to over 250 creative websites built on WordPress, all on our managed web hosting with a physically dedicated enterprise server that is purpose built for WordPress performance and security by BigScoots.

“Moving to BigScoots, the biggest improvement we have found is with performance and the entire value package. The support, the experience. We love that you have created a solution that works for us, with a custom server that supports all sizes of sites we work with. The value is definitely there.”

Amarquez Found Top-Notch Support With Our Managed Hosting Service

“Most of the BigScoots team knows me by now. The responses I get from everyone are so quick. Every question I have is answered within minutes. I don’t even worry about it anymore, I just know it’s going to get answered and resolved right away.”

Amarquez is constantly scaling. As a result they depend on our WordPress scalable, high-performance hosting services to handle everything behind the scenes, so they can focus squarely on the success of their client’s websites. BigScoots works quickly to resolve any active issues but also to catch potential problems proactively before they become impactful – this is what true managed web hosting should look like.

“I never have to worry whether it is a weekend or an evening. I have submitted support tickets at midnight and I still get the same quick responses and level of support at all hours.”

Amarquez Found The High-Performance Hosting They Were Looking For With BigScoots

Amarquez, just as many other digital design agencies, chose to keep their hosting migration quiet to avoid alarm bells coming in from their clients. Once the migration process had been completed to our managed hosting service, Aaron had several clients reach out regarding a notable performance and speed improvement, while unaware any migration had occurred.

Amarquez recently launched their new agency website and stated:

“Our developers couldn’t be happier, there haven’t been any issues and the performance has been great. We haven’t had a single incident since our move to BigScoots, and our performance has only gotten better.”

Upon completing a random GTMetrix test on one of their client’s websites post-migration, Aaron had discovered the site was a substantial 15 MB in size.

“But you couldn’t even tell, the site was still loading so fast. Which definitely speaks to the performance of our custom server with BigScoots. It didn’t slow down at all.

I can’t think of a single negative thing to say, or anything that I’d suggest improving upon, and I really mean that. One of the things I enjoy most is that I feel like I have a dedicated team just for me. Any time I have an issue I know you are going to handle it.

I’m not worried about security, speed, or downtime. I have a solid partner in hosting, and knowing we have the ability to grow and that you have the ability to work with servers that are adequate for our needs is huge.”

Personal. Expert. Always There.
That’s Real Managed Hosting.

Completely managed web hosting that works for you, because experts built it just for you.

BigScoots Mascot on Cloud

Amarquez And The BigScoots WordPress Optimized (WPO) Portal

“There was a slight learning curve to get used to the WPO Portal, but that would occur with any new dashboard. You offer so many more control options within the portal, and you have made it, in my opinion, as simple as it possibly could be. It loads quickly and it is very easy to access everything we need.”

Our WordPress Optimized Portal (WPO) makes it easy to manage your WordPress website. When you choose our WordPress scalable hosting plan, you can submit a support ticket directly to our 24/7 ~5 minute response time expert support team. You will also have access to automated staging, be able to collaborate with your team, access your managed backups that are stored off-server, add redirects and new sites, adjust DNS and much more!

“I restored a backup recently and was shocked at how quickly it was restored – it was only a matter of seconds!”

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Written by Katie
Marketing and Client Success Manager