Virtual Private Servers

Flexible resources and scalable performance in your own secure environment.

  • Starting from: $6.95
  • BigScoots 100% Network Uptime
  • Enterprise Performance
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Hybrid Virtual Private Servers

High performance, full control, dedicated functionality at a fraction of the cost.

  • Starting from: $99.95
  • BigScoots 100% Network Uptime
  • Enterprise Performance
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Dedicated Servers

Your own dedicated hardware for complete control and maximum performance.

  • Starting from: $89.95
  • BigScoots 100% Network Uptime
  • Enterprise Performance
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This may sound odd but if you are not saying "WoW" with the quality of support and reliability of equipment of your current host you need to give Bigscoots a chance.

Kyle P., Riding with BigScoots - 11 months

I really cannot recommend them enough and look forward to growing my business, comfortable in the knowledge that these guys know there stuff and are there to assist when needed.

James M., Riding with BigScoots - 8 months

We've got everything we asked for out of Bigscoots, and I would like to be one of the first to applaud the customer support. You guys do an amazing job, and responses to issues are handled in a quick and efficient manner.

Will D., Riding with BigScoots - 18 months

Fast responses on tickets? Of course! Performance issues? Haven't had any. Money back guarantee? Didn't need it. The best part of it all? Probably the best prices around for the services they offer.

Manuel M., Riding with BigScoots - 18 months

Top-notch, rapid, and competent service to us at all hours of the day. They moved our sites from our previous host, slaved over minor installation tweaks, suggested configuration adjustments, and never missed a beat.

Jay C., Riding with BigScoots - 12 months

Having shopped around for web hosts for ages I am happy I found BigScoots. 100% up time to date and fantastic support year round, I have nothing but good things to say!

Tim F., Riding with BigScoots - 24 months

My purchase with BigScoots was great. It went fast and smooth with no problems. I've already came back for a second purchase, if you are looking for great hosting and customer service, BigScoots is where it is at!

Chapin N., Riding with BigScoots - 20 months

When I found BigScoots I was amazed. The support is top of the line with fewer than 1 minute ticket responses, and my site has never been down! I would recommend BigScoots 100% :)

Nate C., Riding with BigScoots - 19 months

BigScoots is an amazing provider! They have always responded within a matter of minutes, been polite and never rested until my issue was solved. I am very happy with the value of money. I have no intentions of ever leaving BigScoots!

Alex R. , Riding with BigScoots - 17 months