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  • How does the move to BigScoots work?
    Everything we do here at BigScoots is always 100% fully managed, which means we’re here to take care of absolutely everything for you, and this of course includes your migration! Once signed up all we need are your login details to your old host and we’ll begin the setup, optimization and hardening process followed immediately by your migration. We’ll handle absolutely everything top to bottom and ensure a completely seamless, zero downtime move typically completed in less than one hour after signup.
  • Are you better, faster and stronger than my current host?
    Hosting companies come in all different shapes and sizes and it is only you who can decide if we’re the right fit. We deliver a completely managed, premium solution where we guarantee the fastest hosting environment on the web today. We handle issues that are basic through to the incredibly complex, and do so with an average of 5 minute response time all hours of every day. We are personable, know your environment inside and out, and never leave our clients out to dry. If that sounds like a match, we’re ready and waiting!
  • Are you owned by another company?
    With so many hosting companies getting bought out these days, this is critical question many informed prospective clients ask. The answer is big whopping no! We love what we do here at BigScoots and have absolutely no intention of giving that up any time soon!
  • Are you DDoS protected?
    Absolutely! Network security is a threat to everyone who is online today and can cause irreparable damage to your website. We take Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks extremely seriously which is why we’ve protected 100% of our network with a dedicated on-site security solution.
  • What is a “BigScoots?”
    A “BigScoots” is a brand name we created to highlight the unique personality of our crew and the very different approach to hosting we intended on taking. We all felt that hosting could be done better and with a serious amount of time and attention we’ve built a brand that does just that. We listen, we handle issues proactively, we genuinely care about our client’s success and at the end of the day truly enjoy delivering a “BigScoots” service our clients love and we believe to be unique in the hosting industry today.
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